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Technorace Competition is racing team What competed in various championships at national and international level

Technorace Competition in recent years has accumulated a wealth of experience in the Italian and European Championships which concern seater training missions. He has to 'active participation in the Formula Abarth, Formula Renault 2.0 and Formula 4. All this followed by the great passion of the team that takes care of the cars, but most of the physical and psychological wellbeing of the pilot. The latter has the possibility to be followed at all stages of the race.

The Driver, the center of the team

Our mission is to provide great service to those who decide to join our team, the driver must concentrate on driving and to set the car in the most appropriate way to his riding style. To do this we have a professional driving simulator that can be used at all times by our drivers.

Follow us

Technorace competition is the world's leading Social, to publicize the championships they partecipate in and give opportunity fot drivers to be connected at all times with the virtual world.


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